Every office has issues. It’s okay – not everyone gets along all of the time. But there’s a good way to deal with office issues and a bad way. Yelling and screaming and causing havoc is usually the wrong way to handle things. Not only does it cause hurt feelings and resentment, it can easily shut down your office for hours. So how do people really resolve things efficiently so everyone can get back to work? Check below for a couple of possible solutions.

Remove Everyone from the Environment

Instead of discussing a problem in your office where everyone’s harboring their bad feelings, take your employees out to coffee or to a local diner. Even removing them from the physical office and going to the lawn instead is helpful when people are angry with one another. Tell everyone what is expected of them – like that no one yells and everyone owns their own words by using “I feel” and not “she did” – and then start talking. You’ll eventually get all of the drama out on the table and then can start brainstorming for solutions.

Work on the Issues, Not on Attacking your People

When there's an issue, acknowledging it and figuring out a solution will help develop your company faster. It will help you find poor practices, bad decisions, and insensitivity to the needs of your team members. Identifying mistakes and problems is a good thing, but it's only good as long as no one's yelling at one another about how someone offended them. Encourage and teach your employees to target the problem and find a solution, not attack one another when something goes wrong. Focus on the issue at hand. As soon as you stop looking at the employee and tackle the situation instead, you can start solving issues (you can’t change SOMEONE – but you can change a situation).