1290864_14143273We’ve all seen them on TV: zombies. They hunt human flesh and revel in destroying people to feed their own needs and wants. But when they don’t see anyone alive, they simply wander around aimlessly in groups, waiting for their next meal to stumble into sight. Like in video games and TV shows, it’s best to avoid this type of people in business.


Sometimes you're not sure how someone got into a business, and sometimes you're not sure because they seem to drift from place to place without any sort of meaning whatsoever. They wander aimlessly from task to task all day, year to year, with absolutely no plan and no purpose. They might not even have any goals. Stay away from the zombies. They're nothing but trouble. They won't kill you like actual zombies will, but they will often kill your motivation and enthusiasm to get things done. Sometimes they might even infect your business and the rest of your employees with their lack of motivation – and that’s when you have a real apocalypse in your hands.

Who You Should Have Instead

Surrounding yourself with people who have the intelligence and the ambition to make something of themselves is a much better way to go. Meaningful purpose and big goals will encourage you to do the same and feel the same way too. Even if their goals are wildly different than yours, and it's very likely they will be, you'll be able to feed off of their energy - and they'll feed off of yours. All relationships in business should be mutual unless there’s a very good reason one isn’t (these reasons are rare). The people you associate with should have gotten past the confused-and-disorganized stage and moved onto bigger dreams.