238119_hands_thumbsupAre you trying to get the word out there about your company via email? If you make certain mistakes, you are sure to meet failure. Instead, read the two tips below to ensure you meet success instead.

Why Aren't You Offering a Reward with Sign Up?

Free stuff is amazing, and most everyone thinks so. "Everyone" includes the people that visit your website and read your content. So why aren't you handing out freebies to encourage sign-ups? Things like white papers, reports, podcasts, ebooks and videos all make great incentives to get people to sign up for your list. It doesn't have to be the biggest, best freebie in the world. It can be a simple twenty page book on a tactic you think your audience will appreciate. No need for an 80 page book on the benefits of SEO. It can be something small, and your potential clients will still appreciate it. Actually, if it's short and well-designed, people are more likely to read it and enjoy it anyway. Look at previous blogs you've written and repackage the content there into a video or ebook that people would appreciate.

Not Enough Emailing

A lot of people focus on emailing someone or a company a little too much, and this is a valid concern. However, you never hear about the downside of emailing someone too little. If you let months or even weeks go by without an email correspondence from you, it's hard for people to remember you, much less care about what you have to say. Make them appreciate your content by always getting your emails out on time. Stick to that schedule the best you can. Keep the good content flowing. If you are giving your readers excellent, hearty information, they will always want to open your emails and read them.