You should care about your company’s culture. Your culture is what defines the inner workings of your company for you as time goes by. Without that, your company is just a service provider. There’s no heart and soul behind the scenes. You are in the unique position, as a small company, to build a culture a large company can’t. Here are two places to start.

Commitment to Learning

Showing your employees that you are committed to their growth can be challenging, but it's completely possible. The trick is to approach it in small steps. Something as simple as setting up a book club where people discuss the self-help book of the week is a good start, for example. But eventually it can become more formal. Pay for a local class if it will help the employee. Enroll people in online learning programs or offer free management training courses. You might not think employees will take advantage of these offerings, but they are likely to do so if you just offer them. Talk it up when you have a chance, and make sure everyone's aware of how the programs work and that they are free.

Be Consistent

Nothing is going to take off tomorrow. That’s just how it works. If you start having holiday parties this year, that doesn’t mean by next year they’ll be integrated into the culture of your office. What you need to do when it comes to events like parties and after-work events is be consistent. For example, don’t start a bowling team and stop going to it half-way through the season. Keep it up. Then, when the season comes back next year, do it again. Make a name for yourselves in bowling. It may take years, but eventually your employees will appreciate it and accept it as part of the office.