business-graphics-1428645-mOne of the first things you have to do when you start building an office culture is figure out what kind of culture you’re looking for. Do you want incredibly focused work-oriented employees, or are you looking for something more playful? Either way, check out the culture-building tips below and see if they can get you on track.

"Core" Values

Some people think that core values are just a couple of well-known mottos tacked to a wall on a white piece of paper. But that's not true when it comes right down to it. When you use your core values as the guides they are meant to be, you will find yourself making every decision based on those core ideas. You might even find that employees reference them in meetings. They are essential guideposts and when they are communicated, encouraged, and executed in a reoccuring manner, they become the backbone of every business. Use them wisely.

The secret to good core ideas is that they will never change, even if your company does a complete 180. Your core values should be discussed as soon as a new employee walks in the door. You can even start every meeting with a conversation about your core values and tell stories about how a fellow coworker lived by those values, even when it was difficult.

Encourage Employees to Know One Another

Employees should know each other, even if your main goal of the workplace is to work. Workers that are tighter in a personal way are more likely to work together with ease. To encourage employees to like one another, arrange after work meetings – or you can all decide you want to form a bowling team – so that everyone has to interact on a personal level. You’ll likely see a change in your office immediately.