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BlackBerry 10 OS May Be Licensed to Rivals

Though Research In Motion, the creator of the BlackBerry handset and operating system, has adamantly denied that they will be licensing any part of the new BlackBerry system to other companies, Thorsten ...

New Technology May Make Passwords Obsolete

Password tips now usually indicate that your password should be complicated, difficult to remember, and should include random characters and numbers for maximum security. Unfortunately, this advice often leads to lost passwords, ...

Screen and Display Patent Awarded to Apple, Expected to Reduce Weight of Screens

Though the iPhone is currently the leader in the market for thin, bright displays, a new patent rewarded to the company late last week indicates that the company may be able to ...

WikiLeaks under Massive DDoS Attack, Site Traffic Suffering

WikiLeaks has been the victim of a massive and overwhelming Distributed Denial of Service attack that has left the website exceedingly slow or completely unreachable for over two weeks. Currently, there’s not ... Passwords, Email Lists, and Logins Stolen

Diablo and Warcraft creator Blizzard Entertainment suffered an internal network security breach earlier this week, according to a press release. Blizzard indicated that they don’t believe any sensitive information such as credit card numbers was stolen, but emails and encrypted ...

Copyright Violators, Prepare to Move Down in Rankings on Google

Google has started to turn their search engine into its own personal piracy filter; if your site is flagged multiple times in a month for copyright violation, your site will be moved ...

Apple: Have You Looked at Your Old Designs, Samsung?

In the great debate between Apple and Samsung, Apple has brought forth new evidence that Samsung did indeed copy their designs with the Galaxy Tab’s newest redesign. To further convince the courts ...

170 Million Sales Predicted for the iPhone 5

Next year alone, analysts and enthusiasts alike anticipate over 200 million sales of the iPhone; the iPhone 5 is expected to account for 170 million of those. Information from Asymco analyst H. ...

Tablets Adored By Owners, Survey Says

A recent report not only vouches for the popularity of tablets, but buyers’ satisfaction with them. Overall, a report from ComScore indicates that tablets have a higher satisfaction rating than smartphones – ...

Groupon Accused of Patent Infringement

Groupon, a large “group coupon” company, was recently accused of violating several patent infringements and was promptly sued. The lawsuit accuses the company of using peer-to-peer advertising that a small, lesser known ...


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